Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Have you ever had a wood screw that just turns around in the hole but won't bind and tighten? Well, here is an easy fix. Remove the screw. You may even have to wedge something under the edge of the screw while you back it out. Now grab a few wood toothpicks and a small hammer. Insert and break off toothpicks until the hole is completely full. If one or more toothpicks are sticking out past the surface tap them slightly with the hammer until the toothpicks are flush with the surface. Then reinstall the wood screw in the hole. It feels like a new piece of wood and the screw holds tight.

Do you have an interior door that swings open or closed by itself? No matter where you want it to stop it seems to have a mind of its own? Again, here is an easy fix. Start by removing the center hinge pin. Take it outside and prop it up at an angle against a concrete curb or step. Then tap it gently in the center with a hammer and bend it slightly. Tap the hinge pin back in the door hinge and see if that stops your door from swinging on its own. If not, try slightly bending a second hinge pin. I can only remember one door that I had to bend all three hinge pins. Normally the first one will do the trick.